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After writing and performing around Charlotte for much of 2013-14, the band known as Ghost Town Revelry took some time away from the stage to focus on finishing and recording a large amount of unreleased material. During those sessions, the music that emerged took the band's sound and feel in a different direction, so from the ashes of Ghost Town Revelry came to better waters. After many more long nights of writing/rehearsing and recording sessions, the newly-named group completed and released their debut album Days of Ours in December of last year. They continue into 2016 with a simultaneous focus on writing new music and performing locally, and have already written and recorded much of the music that will comprise their follow-up album (to be released later this year).
to better waters features:
  • Matt Susong on lead vocals
  • Alex Warner on keys, acoustic guitar, and vocals
  • Joel Turner on bass, guitar
  • Paul Manos on guitar
  • Pat Allois on percussion
Days of Ours is available for preview/purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and SoundCloud (with previews below as well).
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