to better waters

earth, milky way, rock and roll




After writing and performing around Charlotte for much of 2013-14, the band known as Ghost Town Revelry took some time away from the stage to focus on finishing and recording a large amount of unreleased material. During those sessions, the music that emerged took the band's sound and feel in a different direction, so from the ashes of Ghost Town Revelry came to better waters. After many more long nights of writing/rehearsing and recording sessions, the newly-named group completed and released their debut album Days of Ours in December of 2015 and the follow-up LP Nights of Ours a year later. They continue into 2017 with a simultaneous focus on writing new music and performing locally, and have already written and recorded much of the music that will comprise their next album (to be released later this year).
to better waters features:
  • Matt Susong on lead vocals
  • Alex Warner on keys, acoustic guitar, and vocals
  • Joel Turner on bass, guitar
  • Paul Manos on guitar
  • Pat Allois on percussion
Days of Ours and Nights of Ours are both available for preview/purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and SoundCloud (with previews below as well).






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